How to get into
Private Equity?

It takes more than 200+ Relationships to Land a Private Equity Role. How are you making these connections?

Developing Your Private Equity Funnel: It Takes 200+ Relationships to Land a Private Equity Role

As an executive looking to branch into Private Equity, it is necessary for you to develop a strong and large personal funnel of firms you can target and bring opportunities to. In today’s Private Equity world, because firms are desperately looking for portfolio companies to invest their money in, bringing them these deals is extremely important and necessary in making an impression and landing a role.

Our research shows that the typical executive knows and has good relationships with an average of five Private Equity firms. However, in order to land roles, the executive’s funnel must expand wider and their personal network of firms needs to grow greatly.

BlackmoreConnects™ serves as the ultimate platform for executives to expand this funnel and build these personal relationships while discovering opportunities. Our business development process provides executives with the necessary materials and knowledge to land board positions and executive positions at these firms, with more than 25 strategies to gain their attention.

Our multiple databases provide executives with current news and information on Private Equity firms, business owners, and companies that Private Equity has purchased. This is crucial news for executives as new management is usually seeked once a platform company is purchased. These databases allow executives to stay on top while sourcing deals that they can potentially bring to firms, also necessary in landing a role.

Incorporating these practices that BlackmoreConnects ™ offers will become a tremendous competitive advantage for you as you compete with executives who remain behind and lack the proper tools to expand their funnel.

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