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Blackmore Partners, Inc. Fee Agreement Information Summary (24-month tail from date of each event attended).

The payment of a standard Lehman Fee (5, 4, 3, 2,1) should a deal close with one of the pre-qualified executives via the BlackmoreConnects®️ pipeline.
For C-level positions: 33% of first twelve months of employment as determined by total starting salary and expected bonus accepted by candidate. If hired on a contract basis: 33% of total monthly compensation for the first twelve months of the contract or until contract is terminated.

For Board Member positions: Any board positions filled by executives of Blackmore Partners, Inc. will follow the below fee schedule:

Company Revenue Fee $20,000,000(USD) and below: $30,000(USD) 

$20,000,000(USD) – $100,000,000(USD): $40,000(USD)

o $100,000,000(USD) and above: $50,000(USD)


For Consultant, Advisor, or other Experts Fee: 33% of all monies paid