BlackmoreConnects™ Private Equity Search Service

Our Private Equity Search Service allows you to provide a customized list of Capital Providers that coincide well with your background. Reducing your research time by a land slide.

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Private Equity Search Service: Identifies Investors that Fit Your Criteria and Expertise

As an executive who has developed or is in the process of developing an investment thesis (a unique idea or angle based upon your industry experience). You may be thinking to yourself, “Okay, no problem. I’ll just do a quick search, throw together a list of contacts and blast an outline of my thesis out to firms. Surely one of these will respond!” Unfortunately, this is not reality in the private equity world.

Blackmore Connects™ bridges the communication between Executive and Private Equity groups making it the most effective and productive process on the market. Our Search Service (Powered by MorningStar PitchBook) provides you with insight to quickly search and discover investors that match your criteria and background. Blackmore Partners & Blackmore Connects™ will both market and vouch for you, helping you to build valuable relationships in the Private Equity world and in turn, increase your outreach success. 

Who is Our Private Equity Search Service For?

You have a Deal

Your goal is to buy a portfolio company

You Have a Deal Thesis

Your goal of obtaining a Board Role or C-Suite position

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Pin point investors that fit your criteria for buying portfolio companies or Private Equity groups.

Support Team

Leave the heavy lifting and time-consuming research to us.

Quick Turn-around

Fast turn around on search inquiries.

Optimized list

Up-to-date list of information to speed up your outreach.

Initial Meeting Set-up

We set-up the initial phone calls and meetings for you.

Private Equity Search Service: Morning Star PitchBook

Discover Capital Providers that are perfectly matched to your Background

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