Benefits for Executives Attending Conferences

BlackmoreConnects™ provides you with access to valuable resources including planning sessions, conferences, PE Research Book and much more. This will allow you to grow your PE funnel in Private Equity exponentially. Our conferences will provide you with the training to enhance your performance and skills including business communication skills.


1) Benefits for Executives - Learn the language, learn the industry 

The stepping stone to Private Equity is to translate business language of all industries into the language of Private Equity. 

Blackmore Connects provides a series of online sessions to help Executives understand what Private Equity is and how it functions in various dimensions.  

2) Benefits for Executives - Understand the mindset, Identify the right partner 

To identify the right partner and PE firm to work with, you must have an investor mindset and utilize the language of Private Equity. Identify a company’s background that is relevant to your industry of expertise. 

3) Benefits for Executives - Professionalize skills, showcase success

Utilize the language of Private equity to present your thesis to firms and negotiate with them about future business growth and potential.

4) Benefits for Executives - Unlimited access, better choice 

Gain unlimited access to exclusive conferences that provide you with the tools and knowledge to successfully connect you with Private Equity firms. 

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